Taking on the Title of Badass


betty epic camp17 fun team sklz

Team Betty 2017

This year I was honored to be selected as part of Team Betty 2017. I wore Betty Designs’ Tone it Up suit last year and loved how I stood out in the colorful design. When applications opened for their 2017 Betty Squad team, I had to give it a shot.

IMG_3511 2

Racing in my first Betty Designs suit

Let’s be real- I was incredibly intimidated when I met my fellow team members. There are women who qualify for Kona and ITU worlds, women who own their own companies and coach and have kids and know what fancy racing tires to buy… I was like, wait, how did I get into this group??? This group of badass-minded women is the most supportive tribe I could have ever asked for, and I feel like they have made me up my game tremendously!  And racing in the team kit is so motivating. I will literally be out there racing thinking to myself, “You’re a Betty. Bettys go fast. Bettys don’t quit. Bettys are badass. You’re representing Betty. Push harder!”

When posing feels silly, jump for joy

Bettys jump for fun

But what I’ve learned is that Bettys don’t just race fast and do epic shit. Bettys are supportive. They smile and encourage everyone. They don’t badmouth their competitors. They remember that we’re blessed to be able to do this sport, and they put fun first. I couldn’t have asked for a better tribe.

Betty Designs makes super rad athletic gear for women in bold, bright, look-at-me designs that seriously make you feel like you have super powers. Right now my peeps get $10 off a purchase of $150 or more with the code squadshare10. There are so many beautiful and badass designs to choose from right now- take a look at some of my favorites below, and find your next kit at bettydesigns.com!



The Sedona Collection. Gimme all the Pink!



Ugh it’s just so ADORABLE



Bought this the day it came out!


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