Productivity Coaching for Athletes

It’s time to up your game.

Training for an endurance event comes with its own unique set of challenges. The physical demands can be intense, and your entire world can become about achieving this one goal.

But executing a perfect training session is only one tiny step towards success. Factors like nutrition, sleep, organization, and mental preparation are critical pieces of arriving to the starting line in your best state. Add interpersonal dynamics with family, friends, and coworkers and things can quickly unravel.

As a productivity coach, I work alongside your training plan to help you optimize your performance. Together we’ll tackle the bigger picture to improve life beyond training, creating better boundaries so that when it’s time to train, you’re ready to give it your all.

Don’t just cross the finish line. Own it.


What does productivity coaching for athletes look like?

We’ll work together to:​

  • Identify your Life Buckets

  • Track where your time goes

  • Define and visualize success

  • Test new ways of doing things

  • Vanquish the gremlins

  • Create mental toughness

  • Develop mantras and other mental strategies for training and racing

  • Optimize nutrition

  • Implement recovery strategies

If you’re ready to take your endurance training up a notch, it’s time to add productivity coaching. Let’s get started!

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