Is it Race Week already?

It’s March here in San Diego, which means the time has come for daylight saving time, open water swims (brrr), and the first race of the season! This weekend I’ll be racing the Superseal Sprint in Coronado, California. Superseal holds a special place in my heart since it was the first triathlon I ever did. As part of my race preparation this week, I’ll be filming a video that will walk you through doing an actual race- from picking up your race packet to packing for race day, getting out the door race morning, and lining up at the start line. So if you’ve got questions you want me to cover, now is the time to email them in to!


Until then, check out our new Beginners guide to getting started! It’s designed to walk you through everything you need to start training for a race.

Until next week, happy training!

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