We’re Racing in the Rain

Last weekend I competed in my last race of the season and it rained. Seriously? I live in San Diego, land of 72 and sunny. What was I supposed to do with rain?? Now I get that you’re already wet from the swim, and you’re basically wet throughout the entire race. But I knew rain was going to make things a lot messier. While I had a few tricks up my sleeve to make the race a bit more comfortable, I definitely learned a few things the hard way.

Here’s a few things to think about if you have to race in the rain!

Tuck your Shoes in Plastic

I was okay with being wet. But what I didn’t want to do was come out of the water, rinse and dry my feet off, and then put on wet socks and shoes! So I tucked my socks in my shoes and tucked both pairs into a plastic gallon sized Ziploc bag. Best. Trick. EVER.

Bring Two Towels

I always have my towel on which I set all of my transition items. This time I brought a second hand towel to wipe off my bike seat, face, and hands each time I got back to transition. I kept it tucked under a plastic bag to keep it dry.

Use Caution on Your Bike

My biggest concern about the race was safety on the bike. Even though it was grey outside, I still wore light-tinted sunglasses to protect my eyes from rain and debris. Make sure you have your flat kit packed and ready- I saw a larger number of people walking bikes with flat tires back to the transition area. Also, make sure to keep off the road lines as the paint is slicker than the asphalt.

Leave the Electronics in the Car

My biggest mistake of the day? Putting my cellphone, along with my sandy flipflops, in my “water resistant” tote bag and handing it to my husband. Water got in through the top of the tote bag, pooled, and my phone took a sandy, dirty bath. My phone has not been the same since. Do yourself a favor and leave your phone in the car.

Take Care of your Gear

When you’ve crossed the finish line, packed everything into your car and driven home, don’t leave your expensive gear to mildew. Be sure to take the time to unpack your gear and pay special attention to cleaning and drying your bike.

Have a question about racing in the rain? Send me an email at theanxioustriathlete@gmail.com and ask! If I don’t know the answer, I will find out. I’m happy to look like an idiot so that you don’t have to.

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