An update from The Anxious Triathlete:

The Anxious Triathlete began as a place where I chronicled the answers to all the little things I was embarrassed to share. Over the years I’ve learned the ropes, moved up distances, and become light years more comfortable with training and racing. As a result, I no longer have the same lens for triathlon- for better or worse, I’m no longer a beginner. As my personal journey within the sport has evolved, so too has my work with the AT.

Though I have moved on from posts dedicated to “conquering my fear of looking like an idiot by learning and sharing as much as possible,” my passion for introducing others to this amazing sport remains the same. I always want to leave the door open to helping new people enter the sport. With this in mind, I have created three resources to share. The first is an FAQ section on triathlon which will live here on the website. The second, a free download, the Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started. The third, coming soon, is a book the organizes three years of Anxious Triathlete content and makes it easy to answer all of those embarrassing triathlon questions without anyone ever knowing. And as always, I’m here at theanxioustriathlete@gmail.com to answer anything I may have missed.

I am excited to expand the Anxious Triathlete into new territory: Lessons Triathlon has Taught Me. This new blog will allow me to explore the sport I love in the context of my professional field of Leadership Development and productivity coaching.  When people ask me which of the three sports I like the most, my answer is always “none of them.” What I enjoy about triathlon is the mental and organizational challenge- the discipline required to make triathlon happen in a busy life without letting it dictate your happiness.

Triathlon is a big part of my life, but it is not my entire life. I’m looking forward to sharing the bigger picture with you here.

Happy Tri-ing.




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